An introduction to A New Conservative

The very first question I was asked when I decided I would create this blog is why? It is a good question with an answer which honestly doesn’t have a thrilling answer to it. Because why not?

I had first been introduced to the idea of writing a blog at university, it was an assignment to write a blog based on a single topic. However it wasn’t until I left university that I decided to do it when I was (and still am) job hunting, so I could do something productive with my time while I awaited word to see if perhaps I had been successful on being granted an interview or perhaps even the job offer itself.

Then came the thought of what to actually write about? I studied politics at university and I have a keen interest in current affairs so why not write about them? That was the easy bit, it was then working out what to call this blog and trying to find a domain name that worked. The idea of the name I have to give credit to someone I went to university with who kept referring to me as “The Nice Tory” or “A New Type of Conservative”. It was through this that the name was born.

While I will endeavour to write in a politically neutral way, there will of course be an element of bias and I would be lying to say there wasn’t. I am socially liberal but fiscally conservative (a very odd mix I grant you), so before there can be any accusations of bias I have declared them openly before my first true post is even published.

I hope to offer my readers a different perspective to those that are pre-existing and offer food for thought. I don’t expect you to agree with me, it is far more interesting when you don’t and I am more than happy to discuss and debate with you. While I will be covering the UK and US as that is the subject area I am most familiar with I will happily research and write a post about other topics if asked.

All I can say now is thank you for reading so far, welcome to A New Conservative and I hope you stay reading for what is to come.

A New Conservative

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