The War for the Planet

“Today, more than ever before, life must be characterized by a sense of Universal responsibility, not only nation to nation and human to human, but also human to other forms of life.”

The Dalai Lama

Many people have expressed to me over recent weeks how annoyed they’ve become seeing all the news stories over the environment and the effect of Climate Change on the world. Some claiming it is a great leftist conspiracy. Those views I can understand to a certain extent, but seeking to place political paranoia on something because it dominates the news headlines is foolish. It cannot be denied or ignored any longer, there is a War for the Planet. It is one we are losing.

Extinction Rebellion made people sit up and listen when they brought London to a standstill in an effort to make their point heard. It is a message that is slowly making its way through into the hearts and minds of the British public, something must be done. The question is what and by when?

Extinction Rebellion have set a target of 2025 for net zero carbon emissions, unfortunately while I would like to see that target reached I do not believe it possible. Yet the government’s current target of 2050 for net zero carbon emissions I believe is rather lax and slow. Ideally the UK should reach net zero as soon as it can but at the latest in my view by 2035, this will allow for time for new technology to be developed and prepare the infrastructure that will be required in order to do so. Unfortunately this won’t be without nuclear power, however moving towards being on complete renewable energy can be a long term goal.

The argument against this is largely economic, what would happen to all the current energy industries that rely on fossil fuels? The simple truth is that they’d go out of business if they didn’t adapt. Keeping these industries afloat would go against one of the founding principals of liberal economics, the market guides. Yet doing this will grow the green technology sector creating new revenue, new jobs and stimulating grwoth. The same would apply for installing and upgrading the power grid, it would create growth.

Granted it would require heavy investment. However as any parent would know the greatest investment you make is your children. Wouldn’t you like to have investment now so your descendants can benefit from the rewards? What would you like your legacy to be the generation that saved the planet or the one that doomed it?

Today we decide. It will take hard work and serious international cooperation, but where there is a will, there is a way.

And on a more positive note to end what has been a rather dire post, the Nature Journal of Science report that there has been a 14% increase in green vegetation since 1986.

Not all environmental news is doom and gloom.

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