The Democrats make their move.

“The president must be held accountable. No one is above the law.”

Nancy Pelosi

Since Donald Trump was elected in 2016, there been little doubt in the minds of many. There would be an attempt to impeach him. There hasn’t been as an controversial President elected in modern memory, not winning the popular vote and being seen as decisive. There were a few things that were required to happen first, that the Democrats would have to win back the House of Representatives and second that there would need to be just cause.

When the Democrats won back the house in the midterms, all commentators noticed a remarked changed in Washington DC. Many had been expecting the house to be lost, the decision of Paul Ryan not to stand again was a death bell there but no one could have imagined just how many seats the Republicans lost. One of the conditions for impeachment proceedings to begin had been met.

Many had expected Robert Mueller’s report to provide the catalyst for the second to be met and it did, but the Democrats didn’t choose to go for it much to the surprise of many. Mueller in his report lay the groundwork for an impeachment case but stated that the remedy for prosecuting a President lay within the Constitution. By this he was referring to Congress’ power of impeachment.

This all happened in April, given Nancy Pelosi’s refusal to grant her committee chairs the authority to begin impeachment proceedings many had assumed that their predictions upon Donald Trump’s election was wrong (at least in his first term, assuming he had won a second). But that had assumed that the Democrats hadn’t been watching.

They had been watching, they believe that 2016 was stolen from them due to the interference of the Russians at the behest of Donald Trump’s campaign. Any efforts by the White House to gain information or an advantage from a foreign government for 2020 would not be allowed to stand. Trump believing he will be facing Biden in 14 months time has begun having discussions with Ukraine in regards to affairs involving Biden’s son.

The Democrats will not be allowing history to repeat itself and so now they are making their stand. Although it will ultimately doomed to fail, the Republicans will not hang their own President. There are a few questions that will need to be answered and can only be done so over time: Too little too late from the Democrats? Will impeachment rally Trump’s supporters together? Will these actions cost them the White House in 2020 and arguably more importantly the Senate?

One thing is for certain, events within the United States have suddenly become more interesting.

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